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Friday, June 1, 2012

Best Feet Boys | White Socks are Hot!




It starts out with with some hot toe nibbling and sucking, followed by some sweet foot licking and biting. Next they engage in some amazing feet 69 action like you've never seen before. They didn't just stop there though. You will love watching as Jo gives Yo a real good and hard fuck, all the while licking his feet and sucking his toes. Jo ends up cumming on Yo's foot, and Yo takes the foot on his face and licks off the cream in one of the dirtiest yet horniest moments I have ever caught on camera. Finally Jo caresses Yo's balls with his feet, an action I like to call 'foot-balling,' which brings Yo to a screaming climax.

I have never seen such fantastic foot chemistry on camera as when I bring Joe and Yo together. In this second part, Yo gives Jo some serious foot love. First he sucks lovingly on his toes, nibbling and biting. Then he licks the bottom of his feet, sending horny tingles down Joe's spine. All this gets Joe horny he bends cute Yo over and gives him a fuck. During the ass fucking, he just can't get enough of Yo's sweet feet and kisses and licks them while he fucks. I don't know if these boys are magicians but when together they sure do make magic!

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